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Coal Bed Methane
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Coal Bed Methane

IPI’s development into the coal bed methane market is a logical extension of its expertise in water well technology, as draining water from coal seams releases methane. Coal bed methane reserves may be evaluated and extracted for solely commercial gas supply, drainedsolely for mine safety (mine degasification) , or for both reasons.

Now used in several sites worldwide, IPI’s CBM packers are a proven, versatile option. As well as using the test tools described below, sites may require the use of other IPI packers such as Bridge Plugs and Hydro Fracturing Packers.

Test Tools

The IPI CBM Test Tool consists of a straddle (double) packer system including setting tool intended for use in CBM bores. The basic philosophy is to provide an integrated test tool that allows isolation of specific hole sections for in-flow testing (similar to an oilfield DST Tool). The entire tool comprises:

• A three position Setting/Shut-in Tool
• A top packer
• A perforated injection sub, crossover and extension subs
• A bottom packer.

The system is designed to be run on rods, with the Setting/Shut-in tool mounted directly on the top of the top packer and the rods being filled with water during run-in. Pumping down through the rods inflates the packers. Shifting the tool down allows pump through or fluid extraction (via air-lift or similar) for testing. Shifting back up a minimum distance places the tool in the Shut-in position and a further upward movement shifts it back up to the packer deflation position.

The bottom packer is inflated by means of the bottom packer crossover and any extension subs or by running ancillary tubes in the tool/hole annulus between the packers as appropriate. Lengthening of the test zone is accomplished by adding additional extension subs to the desired length.

IPI has developed CBM Test Tools is three basic diameters: 60 mm, 86 mm and 114 mm to suit a range of bore hole sizes from NX (76 mm) up to 216 mm (8-1/2") together with inflatable packers of appropriate diameters and pressure ratings to suit this same test hole range.


Oil and Gas

IPI inflatable packers are increasingly being found within oil and gas applications, both offshore and onshore. IPI packers are temperature and pressure rated for the majority of standard oil and gasfield applications and have been used in several “state of the art” development projects. An area of continual development, please contact us with your specific oilfield requirements for a competitive, timely solution.

A particularly popular type of oilfield product is the Casing Packer, which is very well suited to offshore gas applications, initially developed for Australian North-West Shelf applications.